Projects 2020

Spring 2020  Symposium for aviation psychologists "Emotional Stability"

We offer selection service providers, flight schools and flight operators the opportunity to learn about the challenge of "emotional stability" when selecting aviation personnel. Emotional stability is an important characteristic that will become increasingly important in the selection of aviation personnel in the future. Selection procedures are limited by economic and time constraints, which makes it all the more important to grasp and assess the emotional stability of applicants. This symposium should help you to classify the challenge correctly. Together with you, we would like to develop processes that can reliably master this challenge.

Spring 2020 Symposium "Requirement profiles for aircraft operators 4.0"

Aircraft systems are changing rapidly with the technological possibilities, the digitalization of the workplace "cockpit" is constantly advancing. (Paperless Cockpit, EFB, eTLB, eSignature, eRouteManual etc.) There is no standstill during the change.
What qualities will pilots have to have to withstand these changes throughout their working lives?
What skills will pilots have to acquire or already have in the future to meet the challenges throughout their working lives?

Discuss with us and define with requirement profiles for "Pilot 4.0".