Projects 2019

May 2019        Official founding event of the association in Hamburg

Spring 2019    Development selection procedure "Direct Entry Captain DEC"

We are developing a new process for the selection of experienced direct entry captains DEC. Again and again, common procedures encounter acceptance problems and are unattractive for applicants. Aircraft pilots with a lot of experience as a pilot in command want to go through selection processes that honor their flight experience. Therefore, we have established a procedure that closely follows the recommendations from the IATA Pilot Aptitude Testing Guide REV. April 3, 2019. However, our recommendations go a few steps further. English language skills in particular, although ICAO Level 4 is a prerequisite for most selection procedures, should be tested on a solid basis. In addition, we recommended in this DEC procedure to offer aeronautical knowledge and mental arithmetic as a supplement to the logic and concentration test procedures. Aviation knowledge is a very good predictor of future professional success as an aircraft pilot, when it comes to suitability diagnostics for ready-entry pilots. The arithmetic skills can be used to best measure the cognitive skills of experienced pilots.

As a prerequisite for a subsequent screening in the full flight or fix base simulator, we have started a study that is intended to test the pilot's psycho-motor skills. This study is being carried out with interpersonal GmbH with the participation of flight captain Bernd Carls. Bernd Carls developed and constructed a psycho-motoric skills examination device called MOZARD a good 10 years ago. MOZARD is now a registered trademark and was able to convincingly demonstrate the quality criteria with regard to validity, reliability and objectivity with a standard sample N> 5000. Bernd Carls has further developed the test inventory to the MOZARD DEC, the device has been highly accepted by the applicants. As of today, we have a very high correlation between the performance in the MOZARD DEC and the results of the screening in the simulator. We will report as soon as an even more reliable data situation is available.